High Density Plasma Tools

The early environmental development at Sencera focused on finding better ways to make plasma equipment for photovoltaics and semiconductor manufacturing. Hardware development spanned wide ranges of operating temperatures and pressures. These devices can be found in manufacturing and research facilities around the world.

Large area sources for deposition of hard films were developed for commercial purposes (see Denton Vacuum for example) and the ASU/US Army Flexible Display Center. Operating temperatures were low enough to be compatible with most plastics.

A high temperature, atmospheric pressure system was developed for PECVD deposition of variable refractive index quartz.

High charge density induction sources are used by Lam Research and Advanced Energy Industries. The integrated plasma and power converters are among the most efficient systems in production today.

Fully automated glass handling systems with innovative large-area PECVD sources were developed for thin-film PV manufacturing. These systems were used to produce PV modules with up to 16% efficiency.