About Sencera

About Sencera

Sencera was formed in 2003. Its founder was the development lead behind the 2000 Watt, 2 MHz direct switching Litmas plasma sources now owned by Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. In 2003, work focused on a large area, low-temperature, high density plasma processing tool suitable for forming transistors on low cost plastic materials. Work was performed in partnership with Advanced Energy Industries, the US Display Consortium and the US Army Flexible Display Center. In 2005, after the successful flexible transistor development program, the large-area tools were adapted for use in thin-film PV module manufacturing. In addition to hardware development, process and solar panel manufacturing capability were added. Sencera tools were scaled to produce up to 50 MW of solar panels per year. In 2010, Sencera sold its fully automated amorphous silicon panel manufacturing line.

From 2010 to 2012, the staff at Sencera focused on development of high-performance Stirling engines for Sunpower, Inc. and Renovalia Energy, S.A.

Other projects included high performance heat-to-electricity conversion devices; high efficiency mid-frequency switching power electronics, and low-cost renewable energy technologies for distributed electricity generation.

The Team

Rusty Jewett, Ph.D

Derek Young

Trey Jewett