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Our purpose is finding effective solutions to the CO2 emissions problem. Our team specializes in using established physical and chemical principles to develop prototypes and early production systems in this space. We have decades of experience in energy conversion hardware systems, including projects at Sandia National Laboratories, Lam Research, Advanced Energy Industries, the US Army, Sunpower and many others. Commercialized products span a diverse range of industries including semiconductor manufacturing, high-efficiency solid state switching power converters, PV solar panel manufacturing systems, and high efficiency heat engine and pump systems.

Sencera operates at 3101 Stafford Dr., a 24,000 sq. ft. building near the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Facilities include a well-equipped prototype machine shop, a lab with electrical and calorimetric test capability, and computer simulation tools. The facility is capable of supporting product development activities in a wide range of engineering disciplines, including semiconductor equipment, device chemistry, mechanical and electrical equipment.

Sencera Energy, Inc.
3101 Stafford Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28208


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