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Presently, the technical team at Sencera is working to commercialize a novel engine for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) applications. The engine was recently recognized by a competitive GENSETS award from the US Department of Energy, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E):

"Kinematic Flexure-Based Stirling-Brayton Hybrid Engine Generator for Residential CHP

Sencera Energy, Inc, will develop a novel kinematic Stirling-Brayton hybrid engine using flexure based volume displacement in lieu of conventional displacer and power pistons. The flexure-based design achieves the same function as a piston-cylinder set by simply changing the volume of the working spaces, as opposed to sliding a piston along the interior of a cylinder. The removal of pistons from the design eliminates the need for sliding seals such as piston rings or air/gas bearings, resulting in lower engine friction and fluid flow losses. It also potentially lowers the fabrication cost compared to other heat engines. The proposed kinematic engine design provides easy coupling to existing rotary alternator design, which allows the use of robust and mature off-the-shelf alternator technologies and controllers."

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Sencera specializes in development, funding and commercialization of high-technology content products. Past projects include hardware for renewable energy manufacturing (thin-film PV equipment development), efficient heat engines, and chemical waste stream recovery. New Development areas of interest include:

renewable energy water purification and desalination new methods for food production waste stream treatment novel construction techniques

Sencera was founded in 2003 by Rusty Jewett, Ph.D. Dr. Jewett has 25 years of experience developing semiconductor manufacturing tools and other hardware. He has worked both in publicly supported research at Sandia National Laboratories, and in the private sector with Lam Research, Litmas, Advanced Energy Industries, Sunpower and Sencera. He has worked on a variety of different plasma source and diagnostic techniques, resulting in several papers and more than 10 issued US patents (to date). A proven technical and business leader, he has served as CEO since 1998 at each of Litmas, Sunpower, Inc. and Sencera.


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